‘Tis lovely to find completely out-of-the-blue emails, such as the one below, in your inbox. Especially when someone not only sings praises of your but also wants to buy it! As I state below when I work to get my hand dirty I don’t create anything to sell, I only do art work for myself. Anyway, enough of me rambling.

This is an email I unexpectedly received and my reply. Please read on…


I came across your blog and consequently some of your photos as well. I admire your work and talent. You rant about, and give passionate appeals about, many of the same things I hold dearly as my core values. And, your look and style is that which I love as well. While I am a minimalist in terms of my overall knowledge in the art of photography, I do deeply admire it from a novice platform with designs on learning more. Consequently, and thus the reason for this email,  I was/am interested in perhaps purchasing a copy of your book of self portraits, not the virtual book, but the actual book itself. However, I do not wish to do so through the publishing website if I could simply do so directly from you instead…So, quite simply my question is if you still have any copies available for purchase? I too live in Portland so shipping would be minimal or I would even be willing to arrange a pickup depending on what is convenient for you… If you do not have any remaining that is entirely fine, and please simply accept my compliments and encouragement upon your body of work; as well as, for your talents and spoken values as given in your blog as well.

Thanks and with respect,


My Reply:


Wow! Thank you for all of your articulation in praise of my work and values I shout from the rooftops! I am very humbled and elated by your email because I did this project for myself and myself alone. Never for a second did I think anyone other than a few close friends would want a copy.

I thank you for contacting me for a copy. I make no royalties via that novelty publisher; they, in fact, would not have even notified me if you were to purchase it through their website.

I have a professional degree in photography, with commercial studies under my belt and after a handful of years exploring the world, I gave up on that commercial dream, realizing it’s not me. I make my art for me. I share it freely and relish it when someone takes interest in my vision. I have sold other projects that I did purely for myself to enjoy the creation process. It’s always a warming surprise when my personal work moves someone to ask to buy my art!!! And I Thank You! I would be horned to sell you a copy!

I do not have one on my person that I could just hand over to you at the moment, though I am willing to work with you on attaining one. The publisher has a one set price for any consumer buying via their main store, though I get at least three spam emails a week from them offering me discount deals to get me to buy more copies of my own book.

I would like to make this a personable interaction for you. We could get together, let you flip through the copy I have that travels with, tell you more about the book and photographs. And, if you’re still interested, we can arrange ordering a copy via my discounted account!

If this sounds good to you please contact me and lets arrange a time and place to get a cup of tea.

I am also interested in you for your interest in me. I’m wondering where you came across my blog? As well as, what other artistic ventures you enjoy, especially those here in Portland; as I am new here myself. I have been traveling the country nearly nonstop for 6 years now and I am LOVING Portland!

Also, this kind of praise of my art I like to post on my blog. Would you mind if I copied your email onto my blog? I would, of course, remove your name and email address from the entry.

Again, thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you about meeting to arrange this transaction!

All The Best,

Xavier Armand

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