Silly Political Games

WooHoo! Go GaGa!! DADT is history!! So now we can parade the front-lines waving our banner all over the place with mud on our face and we wont be a disgrace? The issues of bigotry and discrimination all just vanished with the passing of that bill? There will be no more queer teenage suicides? And no more christians telling me at mid-night mass that I will burn in hell?

AWESOME!!! The world feels better already. Now I can get a job at wal-mart with insurance benefits that will cover the cost of medical experimentation to help cure my AIDS? Does it really keep getting better?

I can barely contain myself! Whats next… the legalization of marriage? Maybe now they’ll let my tranny-lover and i get married and have our honeymoon on the tropical paradise known as Guam? Oh wow, imagine that!

Hey, while we’re on a roll lets eat this decadent fudge wedding cake too, lets put queer-polygamy on the civil rights ballot too!!! Surly the mormons wont disagreed. We can have our lil love houses of all us sick in the head GlBTQQCY families out there! It will be like the 60s but respectable. I’m so excited, thank you america for letting me know that everything is going to be okay.

Oh look, the TV has Ellen and Opera doing a show together! Lets watch and go back to sleep. 😀

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