"Save Me" let me drown.

I just finished watching a gay-themed called “Save Me”. its gets an F-. TRASH! a waste of 1:36mins. more political, oops did i say political, i meant, “religious” brainwashing for masses. i dont need religion in my life to feel comfortable with myself. and this movie just tries to show you, yet again, that the jesus will still save you, weather your gay or not. whats really scary about this movie is these brainwashing camps do exist. i pity the poor fools that need this kind of thoughtless validation in their life to feel content. there no thought in this movie. it was a weak and predictable story line to the point where the “lovers” run away in perfect harmony, serenity and bliss with one lust driven kiss and four half-ass lines of dialog. all-in-all its just another empty piece of bible-thumping media.

its a good thing i download my movies, for free, i would of been EXTREMELY pissed had i payed for this.

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