long time no update to all my blog readers. all 2 of you. (or who know might be -3 by now cause i havent updated much this summer) in any case i havent forgotten my blog!

ive been busy. new job, new move, new adjustments to my life and retinue(s). my summer was rather uneventful. couldnt find work in new england, couldnt get off the ground or make anything happen. so i didnt do much. the 2nd great depression our country is experiencing got a hold of which brought my on depression back in full swing. but here i am pulling myself out of it with meds.

i moved back to LoosEanna (sigh). but i moved back to go back to work at the animal hospital. which i LOVE. so im busying working again and getting settled into new living arrangements so on and so fourth. making new goal with my job to work up the ladder to become a vet tech. from there i see an airplane again. thats as far ahead as im looking at the moment. excited for my goal which helps.

so in a nut shell that was the past 6 months in 3 pharagraphs. (haha ohh well). and, as i said, i havent forgotten about my blog. been thinking about things to update with, such as…

#1 all the new music ive discovered in the past months (im always doing that)

#2 some enteries about my half-read pile of books. theres 5 or 6 in pile right now that im all kinda reading at once. (ive a bad habit of starting books and moving to another one before i finish the previous 3) maybe blogging bout them will help me speed thur the rest of

#3 i can go digging thur some pix ive taken recently and do a photo-blog update

stick around. new stuff is coming!

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