Please raise your hand if…

…you are absent!

not too many post this summer. just handful of pix thus far (and here comes another one)!

i gave up one bad habit. or rather ive taken a vow of silence from ranting about politics. so out the window goes 1/4 of my post. ive realized 98% of amerikans are content to ignore the issues the grunt about daily while eating macdonalds, shopping at walmart and watching amerikan idol. so i will bow out and leave you with your misery. it was dragging me down too much to pay attetion to it and then when i tried to shed some light on it was greeted with negativity from those who are happy just bitching.

so ive been living it up! in the mountains as often as i can. soaking up the sun on the nude beach when the sun come out (thank you oregon), brainstorming and starting a new book/project, window shopping, and running round and round in dizzy dizzy dumb dumb circles like i always do.

ive got to enjoy the pacific north west sun while it last! so dont fear, when the long dark gray comes back to stay ill be posting more than you can stand. and likely a TON of photos!

cheers, all the best for you this summer, -X

Bagby Hot Springs Sunrise

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