PiercedFairyX’s address to the nation, on this, The 4th of July…

Eleven score and Two years ago, our fathers brought forth a new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal— except that is for Homosexuals, Aliens, the Sick and Poor, and god-forsake, innocent Native Americans, whom we’ve raped and murdered in the name of our own self-serving hypocrisy. Then came Ronald Regan and his NEW WORLD ORDER and the fucking BUSHES to further push the momentum!!! And now it is a battle for a world of Christian Morality which is subsidized by multi-million dollar corporations whom pay into the regime for liberty and justice for the elite of the wealthy. Whom use the media as social shield to keep the unsuspecting public fooled and inert to the fact that our original constitution shrinks in size with every bill passed. Further distraction is added by the feeding of fear and intimidation of the publics safety through selected and censored news stories of murder and mayhem. I wonder when the 6 O’Clock news is going to come forward and release the details the North American National Identification Card Act which is being process as you sit and watch your fireworks. I’ll stop with my diatribe now, I could on for pages and pages of the contradictions that this country represents. Just please try to remember,

“You’re Being Lied To!”
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