Now before i start this rant I want to point out: it was more the location rather the band.

I just got back from Puddle Of Mudd concert at the Riverdome, Shreveport/Bossier City, LA. Im rather pissed off I just wasted $20 on this show. And its hard to get me pissed. Umm I don’t know where to being. Maybe this single quote will say it all for me.

As I was waiting for the headlining band to come on I’m listening the people around and I heard the fat guy next to me, drinking bud-light, say: “This is the girl that just told sercurity and got that ass hole thrown out. He was moshing and shit, I mean, like, come-on, there’s a time and a place for that!”

OK you FAT FUCK, if that time and place is not a ROCK concert, where the hell would it be?

I knew i was doomed. I bit my tongue waited for the band and by the third song I had not been pushed, shoved, hit, grabbed, moved, or otherwise ANYTHING!! I was three people away from the gate, with some 80’s chick hair rubbing on my face, and was able to turn around and walk away from the show in disgust.

I just came up with a quote for the fat fuck.

“If you go to a ROCK concert and the crowd is weak enough to let you WALK AWAY from it, you shouldn’t be there!”

Maybe after being part of the Woodstock ’99 riots I’m spoiled to an idea of what a rock show should be? Or, just maybe, Shreveport, LA isn’t man enough to produce the dick???

Fuck You Very Much!!!

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