New Years Resolution

OK OK, I KNOW, im about 3 months late posting my NYR, sorry, im a flake.

so as it is, my NYR was to let my hair grow long again! for those of you who knew me as a teenage remember i had hair just past my shoulders and then when i was 17 i let a friend cut it all off! and that was it. i could never stand to let it grow to the lengeth it was before.

every time i tried to let it grow back out itd get to be a couple/few inches long and it turns into a big mess of a poofy ball that i cant do anything with. so i get pissed and shave it off, bleach it yellow and start over!

so i havent shaved my head sense new years and its all big and poofy cause its not heavy enough yet to pull it down flat. theres too much of it to put product in and have it look good. so i have to wear a hat all the time cause ITS FUCKING PISSING ME OFF and I WANT TO SHAVE IT!

but no i cant yet. patience was never one of my values.

but in any case, im still working on my NYR, how are you doing with yours?

PS. I don’t make serious NYR anymore. They silly when you think about them; You set a historical date and use it as an excuse to better yourself? If theres something you really want to do and/or change regarding yourself. Have the substance with yourself to do it any day of the year. Just because the day is Jan 1 dosent mean your chances of quiting smokeing are any better if you don’t work at it.

heres a pic of me when i was about 15/16. this is early long hair stages. later is was 3 Xs this length. this is kinda where i want to get to this year.
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