been a while sense i posted. been busy getting a business blog up and running., been a bit tricky to get up cause im hosting it out of my website rather than google or wordpress. but more about that in a minute.

last night, after i got tired of hours of web design. i went onto myspace and started checking on some of the bands i have friended, got annoyed that they were spread out over two accounts. SO. i made a new myspace to add only bands too. so i can keep up with only them without getting distracted by other shit. the url is:

i also, finally, payed some attention to the account i made a long while back to check out what that network had to offer…

hang in there, im getting to my point…

i download a fun widget that shows what ive been listening to through my iTunes. (see the widget in my side bar) when you go to install the software it goes into your itunes library and upload all the info into your account, add all the artist youve listened to, give you recommendations, etc etc…

the greatest thing it does, i think, what show you a text file of the number of songs your itunes has played. IN TOTAL (which i dont believe you can see in itunes)

my itunes has over 68,000 plays!!!!!


i refomatted my computer in october of 2005. so that list is just in the past 3 years. if the average song is 4mintues long it would end up equaling 273,096 minutes, or, 4,552 hours of music!


but!!! its not that much, if you take into account that avg american watches an avg of 4hours of tv an evening, after 3 years that ends up being 4,380 hours of sitting there brain dead.

thank the holy mother earth, i dont own and/or watch tv. at least when im listing to music, im also working on other things, reading, cleaning, web design, walking with my ipod, thinking!!! etc. how much porn i watch is another subject all together. hahaha.

anyway, just a bit fun seeing all that.


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