and here is am to PISS ON YOUR PARADE !!!


im sick and tired of hearing about your fucking “record-breaking” inauguration for obama.

whats the point of huddling around the tv like a village of monkeys waiting for obama to flip that magic switch that will make everything instantly better? yeah, i know, bush is gone. that makes me smile too. but the fact remains. bush took the same “oath”. remember? believing in that “oath” is like believing in the bible. you’re being lied to by the media.

you need some kind of improvement in your sad little life? try, SHUTTING OF THE TV (yeah i know i say that a lot. get used to it.) and get motaviated and do something about it. dont wait for obama and his fantastical “oath” to make everything better.

lets start by BOYCOTTING WAL-MART!!!! if the big corporations fail we dont have to be the victims. that leaves us free to start personable businesses again and that will be what our eCONomy needs to start rebuilding itself.

think about that for bit.

sadly though, it will never work. you’re all too programmed and helpless at this point

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