how we love usless knowledge

just installed and extensive dictionary into my computer casue i cant spell to save my life. never could. the left side of my brain doesnt want to work with me on that. anyway wist playing with the program to see how it works i found this cute bit of information in the definition of….. (i particularly love #4)


• noun

  1. a [usu. foll. by of] awareness or familiarity gained best price for cialis by experience (of a person, fact, or thing) (have no knowledge of that). b a person’s range of information (is not within his knowledge).
  2. a [usu. foll. by of] a theoretical or practical understanding of a subject, language, etc. (has a good knowledge of Greek). b the sum of what is known (every branch of knowledge).
  3. Philos. true, justified belief; certain understanding, as opposed to opinion
  4. Archaic sexual intercourse.

soo, maybe the original idea of the tree of knowledge had nothing to do with fruit at all but rather the realization that FUCKING is the meaning of life?

hmm, thats some kinda crazy thoughts! somebody should maybe lock me up for your piece of mind and safety

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