Gay Artist Network!

I’m a gay artist. I was wanting to associate with other gay artist. Wanted to browses some galleries and collections of gay inspired art. So I was sitting here in front of my computer looking for some stimulation me. I was breezing through all of my various profiles and websites, of which there is no lack of networking websites, (gay, straight, and artist alike) but…,, didnt have it, nor did, or, came kinda close, but no,

as you all know, this list is never ending.

All of these sites have good points, but some are messy, hard to negative, or way to general and others are too focused on what they share. So I Googled “gay artists” and the results were: #1 a Wikipedia list of famous or noted gay artist, #2 a generalized blog that had not been updated in 2 years, and #3 another list/directory from The rest were random forums, personal websites, and pornography. At this point I went back to Google and typed “gay artist network” and the #1 return was an article review a single art show of gay artist that had already passed in Chicago, IL. “This is odd.”, I thought, while typing “” into my browser. All that was there was a place holder with links to spam sites and porn.

So I tried “”. The domain name was open, as was “.net”. I was hoping to find a or style network for gay artist, but, it was blank. Wait a minute… IT WAS BLANK!!!

This is my announcement that I just purchased the dominion name and rights to: !!!

I’ve a lot of work to do now. My hopes, aspirations, purpose and objective for this website is to merge the better parts of,, and into a website where gay artist can set up personal profiles, galleries, selling floors and network resources for any art medium possible by a homosexual artist whom wants to associate, share, or view art with other gay artists!

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