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has anyone ever said to you that it’s going to be alright?

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Breach of Copyright

It appears my infamous photography is coming full circle. I discoverd this blog is using one of my photos as his blog header! LOL!

I’m flattered that my imagery is worthy of theft. 😀

I emailed him, not asking him to remove it, just to give it credit with my blog address.


2/24/11 – STATUS UPDATE: I just recived this email from the author of the blog. good news all around.

HI. First, I took your picture without permission, sorry, I saw it somewhere and found it good and hot so I put all the pictures of my blog has permission from the owners. For some time now that I enter the blog and send people porue few photos, but these days I’ll change it and put the one that sent me, that I have understood that you would like that.
If you want to put more pictures of you on my blog or show them to me would love me, very very hot. I like a lot.
I am Spanish.

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sharing the beauty

dear ME, this website/art gallery is exquisetily beautiful.

the only words the come to mind to descripbe it are “we monkeys are something”

click the image blow to have a PEAK…..





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Blowing Off Steam

When I find myself in one of these foul moods; the one that have been added up because of weeks of animated exhaustion combined with “he said”/”he said” bullshit, combined with forced yet unrequested pieces of your own hells and all the other annoyances associated with being a hermit playing poorly at the pretending “i give a fuck” game. Just when I’m about to reach my passive/aggressive “I’m going throttle you like a fucking freight train” flip, I enjoy playing this song. I enjoy listening to it as LOUD as the speakers will provide while I chant along.

I hope you enjoy it as well, cause it aids in keeping me calm enough not ripe your fucking face off with my fingernails. I usually feel better have a few meditations with this song.


Be patient.
I must keep reminding myself of this.
I must keep reminding myself of this.

Be Patient.
I must keep reminding myself of this.
I must keep reminding myself of this.


-thank you Maynard!

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So I Can Share The Beauty…

Deep inside this Snowy Mountain Vista….

… is another world of Magic!


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On The Set Of True Blood

i made this 🙂

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further into the web

oh my me, im in awe of that orgasm i just had. i wasnt even masturbating. wasnt hard or touching my cock. i was just hanging out with my thoughts

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this is better!

ive been sick with a nasty head cold for a few+ days now. lost in a shitty world of stuffy head and bbbblllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

so tonight i went to the store to get fixins for one hell of an awesome dinner….

i made Quinoa pilaf cooked with raw garlic, garlic-pepper, black pepper, and a pinch of italian spices softened with a lite splash each of olive oil, grape seed oil, and butter. atop that i made steamed carrots, asparagus, and zucchini, tossed in a small amount of butter, salt, pepper, garlic, and spices. then all this heaven was garnished with 3 year old super-vintage-aged cheddar; with a crust of artisan sourdough bread to pick it all up with! (i cheated, i didnt make the bread myself. i would of if the oven worked!)

it’s marvelous, so simple, so good. now i need lay down and continue healing. 🙂

in a bit i think dessert will be a spoonful of raw dark local honey mikhail bought for my birthday at a farmers market 😀

ૐ ૐ ૐ

(for those of you that dont know; Quinoa is a super food. a rice like grain that has a complete protein like beef that is gentle on your body and has actually nutrition and taste to it! unlike rice and wheat. theres no need to “enrich” a food that is sustainable)

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words for it

a rarity for you too see me post on my blog.
one of my hidden pieces of unedited free verse poetry.
umm, no more commentary, if you get thru it, let me know what you think and/or if you feel anything from it?




words for it….

inventing language via sculpting sound
the color is here to add illusions

i found the middle ground, not a goal
ive learned to exist in the gray
all while i was killing the high and low’s
i found the gray by numbing the yin and holding still the yang
the energy, the light i hold onto myself
is enormous, wrapped so tightly the pressure
constant, a fire raging within
surging so wildly that i shake and
hold my breath to smother the feelings,
whilst smothering myself
to keep it here on me.

Theres a rhythm to a pattern
A small glitter of thought is seen
it comes, i cum
than im back fatigued beyond breathing on my own
mind still blazing
then i start it again
i see the yellow wave and i take it in to feed the fire


the power i use to smother or to free my heart
is astonishing
it shakes the earth i convulse upon
it booms the air out through my voice
it blends my eyes, all of them, it lets me see electricity
and all the emptiness between, overlaid with what could be here and now
the fire finds a rhythm within my base
it rolls from my base, my roots disconnect as it soars thru me
escaping out of me, on their way through me
waves of warmth, comfort, oblivion, and bliss of empty ecstasy paralyze me
the light is blinding, blacked vibrations freely dance in darkness
evermore waves
a tremendous sound, emitted from this cradle, deafens.
silence is found within by pushing this voice beyond that which i can speak

its there. where ever the fuck it is, whatever the fuck that is.
there is no word for it.
i could spend a life time looking.

the same waves pull me into myself, backwards.
After I feel myself, I remind myself of it
i speak common words for it
I roll them in circles round my head
These words, the ones here, are those in my head
they can’t describe it
there is no rhythm to what cannot be articulated

so i go back, again
i repeat the process
i must stay a little longer this time
end the circle
stay with it.
stay with it.
stay with it.
end the circle
let go
stay in the circle.

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web weaver

i am, therefor i do
explore, i am the weaver
i do, therefor become
a seeier and believer

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Breaking my vow of silence

in the wake of the nyc wall street protests that “may or may not be happening”, im hearing (via facebook because i dont watch tv or read tv approved news on the internet) that there is a wave of cities “organizing” there own “protests” throughout the country.

soo… i looked it up. my local protest in portland, or is “scheduled” for thrusday oct 6th at waterfront park at noon. (im sure the bums, rats, seagulls and nighttime entertainment district are really interested in what you have to say)

im wondering about the social “etiquette” in this situation??? should i go over to the facebook and “RSVP” to be tear-gassed and beaten down by the riot police?? or should i just come out and say….

are you fucking people serious??? an organized event where we are safe from persecution, within our civil rights, IS NOT A FUCKING PROTEST!; its a bunch of “monkeys” making noise!!! i think of it in the same light as going to the county fair. monkey see monkey do. everyone’s going to show up, hold up there signs/flags, do some mating calls and then go home to eat dinner in front of the tv to check out the turn out. really???

as a wise ol’ sage sang to me… “as long as you play their game girl you’re never going to win.”

correct me if im wrong, isn’t it our civil rights that are being shit on? are you protesting to take them back? (or are you upset in your salary cut and fact that now you can afford a beamer?) i ask because im trying to make sense of how “behaving” within our suppressed civil rights is going break the oppression that could reclaim them??

who do think is going to listen if you’re playing by the rules? the suites in high rises will look down at the park, giggle at the gathering of angry unemployed people standing around anxiously at the waters edge as they go to their next investment meeting….. i can see the headline now…. “poster board and markers on sale at wal-mart!” dont you need some of this??

if you want to make a difference ….. oh fuck, there i go again sounding like one of you…. nevermind, nix all that… just listen to this song…

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New Self-Portrait Book Is Finished!

OH MY ME!!! WOO-HOOO!!!! ITS DONE!!! I’ve been working on editing this book for over two weeks. I didn’t know it was possible to get motion sickness from looking at Photoshop for too long till the the other day! Thankfully this is the Second Edition so even thou I was working on a deadline 75% of the photographs were already edited and just needed a new layout.

Whats changed is the publishing option, a better inexpensive publisher that allows people other than myself order the book! Plus the addition of 70+ images from the past year and a half since the 1st edition. As well as the addition of some older previously over looked photos and I’ve include images in this version that I left out of the first because I thought they may of been “too sexual”. No more second guessing myself.

I’d like thank a couple friends, Jonathan and Jay, whom took an interest in the first edition I published through a novelty online retailer and, who were strangers to me, went thru the process of working with me, for me, to order them their own copies! THANK YOU EACH! I’m grateful for your involvement! Were it not for your interest I likely wouldn’t of continued to push myself on this project!

SO without further to-do… HAVE A LOOK!!! & GET A COPY OF YOUR OWN!!! Synopsis and links to previews are just below.

Self-Portraits: In Another Light

This exhibition of Self-Portrait photographs contains over a decade and more than 130 images from my life through my zealful exploration of photography.

A Fine Art graduate of New England School of Photography in Boston, MA; I’ve been capturing my radically eccentric spirit through imagery since I picked up my first camera.

My practice of photography has remained largely un-commercialized and a personal venture even though I’ve weaved through many business areas of the industry. The machine and I don’t have the same vision, as you will see.

In the following curation I am giving you the raw, uncensored and unscripted components of myself for you to enjoy, ingest and interpret as you see fit!

Evian Adam Peacock Photography
~See Yourself Differently~
In Another Light
Photography by Ev…


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I would like your input…

i want to hear from you, my readers, if there are any and how many are there?? LOL

just a quick couple sentences about what you like on my blog, what you dislike, what youd like to see more off??

im working on a photo project that should be up uploaded on here by the end of the weekend. after which my goal is to give my blog lay out and content some more attention so that is not so scattered all over. ie all the photography one tab, a shop tab for my photography and few crafts, as well as a tab with current portfolios which ive been putting together in outlines here locally.

any input for those of you that follow would help me greatly! please post them as comment to this entirety so we all can start a discussion.

thank you and i am already appreciating your input!

all the best

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into the trees

ahh…, the trees…

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