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My Shop is off the ground!

Take a peek!!!

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More Photoshop Fun!

An old film canister i use to hold my memory cards.

film card holder web
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more on censorship

no, i won’t be quiet or play nice.

Here are a few screen shots from an editorial facebook censorship in which my blog/artwork were featured!

  oddee.com2 facebook censor banner ifx

oddee.com1 facebook censorship




facebook censorship ifx



AND FURTHERMORE! I would like to thank for featuring my blog in their article (and facebook for being douchbags) because i just looked at my blogs view count statistics and the day put up the article i had a record breaking “most views on a single day” surge looking at my blog. 😀 - highest view count dec2012



PS Update… the plot to the story of my battle with facebook on censorship starts to get heated! Dec 27 2012… two weeks later the high hit counts continue! i’ve been averaging  almost 200 new views a day sense this article was posted! thanks again i also wanted to add a LINK to the original post which oddee had linked. this post has been getting a lot of attention and the comments are getting bloody!!!

this could also be a good time to note that this image is still on my facebook. when i took the screen shot of the image with facebook’s TOS bullshit i immediately re-upload the screen shot of the image with facebook lovely framing  job!

censorship on facebook - image is still here

Ahhhh…., all this fuss over my cock! i love it! rotmfflmao!!&&^$$@U

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Photo Restoration

here’s a 3 part photo restoration. 2 different images being restored and layered into one.

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More Photoshop Magic

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Photoshop Wizard

i believe this image is self-explanatory?

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Road Trip


this is what happens when i get bored with photoshop around.

i found this cute little web-sticker on the facebook that said: “Beautiful things happen in your life when you distance yourself from all negative things.” the quote got me thinking.

i did a file count in my photography library for each full year i’ve owned my digital camera and noted which state i was living in at the time. (i’ve put some miles on these feet choosing to live as a fagabond.) i think the numbers speak for themselves… apparently the further away from RI i am the more beautiful life gets! 🙂 let me spell it out for in case you don’t get the visuals; in 2009 i took 1,639 photos while living on the east coast (RI/MA). rather pathetic for a photographer. yet just two short years later, while living in Oregon, i took 14,570 photos!!! that’s a marginal difference of 12,931 life loving moments! (an average of 39.91 a day!!!)

sooo, dear new england, you can take your patriotism, your attitudes, your hyper-energized road rage, your proclaimed progressiveness, your dirty-foul smelling over populated streets littered with syringes and dunkin donuts cups, pack it all into your crack pipe and smoke it!

i am fucking out of here! if you need me i’ll be on the w(b)est coast meditating peacefully in the clean, fresh, quiet mountain air waiting for the big one to toss me into the ocean! 🙂 i won’t be returning to the (l)east coast so look me up if you want to check out the flip side. 😉

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The writing is on the wall!

Introducing!!! (drum roll) MY FIRST SOLO PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW!!!

Hanging at Mister Sister. A fierce local, queer owned and operated Erotic Boutique. Located on Wickenden St on the east side of Providence (click here for mapped directions).

Stop by too check out the photos (all of which are for sale) and the shoppe with the highest quality selection toys, novelties, underwear, books, media (and more) in Providence! The images will be hanging through the month of August.


A quick cell-phone snap.

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Breach of Copyright

It appears my infamous photography is coming full circle. I discoverd this blog is using one of my photos as his blog header! LOL!

I’m flattered that my imagery is worthy of theft. 😀

I emailed him, not asking him to remove it, just to give it credit with my blog address.


2/24/11 – STATUS UPDATE: I just recived this email from the author of the blog. good news all around.

HI. First, I took your picture without permission, sorry, I saw it somewhere and found it good and hot so I put all the pictures of my blog has permission from the owners. For some time now that I enter the blog and send people porue few photos, but these days I’ll change it and put the one that sent me, that I have understood that you would like that.
If you want to put more pictures of you on my blog or show them to me would love me, very very hot. I like a lot.
I am Spanish.

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So I Can Share The Beauty…

Deep inside this Snowy Mountain Vista….

… is another world of Magic!


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On The Set Of True Blood

i made this 🙂

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An early morning candid snap shot of a Wine Vineyard farmer checking that his grapes are ready for harvesting.

I’m particularly fond of this image.

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photoshop TWEAK!

am sitting editing this icon in photoshop PIXEL by PIXEL! have a look at what that looks like….. not as simple as you think it would be to manipulate those big blocks zoomed in at 3200% !!!

End Result…

…. now, where to use such an icon….

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New Shop Items Coming Soon!

Been picking pieces of my design work to put on novelties to sell through my shop!

Here is a widget with a couple items in it already till i add more. 😀

Make Custom Gifts at CafePress

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Brag Board Pull-Sheets

I sorted through my overstuffed Portfolio yesterday and photo-copied the few pull sheets I had shuffled into it. There is more work I’ve had published, unfortunately i did not pull the sheets  too put them into my portfolio. Luckily I did save those magazine, they’re on the east coast in my mother basement, someday I’ll get them in my possession and then I’ll add them to the collection.


Till then here’s a few examples of published work I’ve had published!

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