Did you hear about the neighbors?

fresh from The Death, Disease, and Destruction Show!!!

so this is what my parents woke up too this morning. the same middle of now where house that theyve lived in for 40 years, that i grew up in, our door looks (thru the shrubs) into the front door of this house. i went to school with the brothers involved. not sure what this has to do with anything? i guess the news is more exciting when its closer to home. my mother is always freaking out and worried about me living in “cities” cause the news is always talking about “shootings/stabbings”. also told her no to worry cause i didnt buy my drugs from gangs 🙂 thou im pretty sure theres no gangs selling crack in hope valley. LOL. so ummm? yeah! stay tuned for the next installment of The Death, Disease, and Destruction show! whatever.

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