words for it

a rarity for you too see me post on my blog.
one of my hidden pieces of unedited free verse poetry.
umm, no more commentary, if you get thru it, let me know what you think and/or if you feel anything from it?




words for it….

inventing language via sculpting sound
the color is here to add illusions

i found the middle ground, not a goal
ive learned to exist in the gray
all while i was killing the high and low’s
i found the gray by numbing the yin and holding still the yang
the energy, the light i hold onto myself
is enormous, wrapped so tightly the pressure
constant, a fire raging within
surging so wildly that i shake and
hold my breath to smother the feelings,
whilst smothering myself
to keep it here on me.

Theres a rhythm to a pattern
A small glitter of thought is seen
it comes, i cum
than im back fatigued beyond breathing on my own
mind still blazing
then i start it again
i see the yellow wave and i take it in to feed the fire


the power i use to smother or to free my heart
is astonishing
it shakes the earth i convulse upon
it booms the air out through my voice
it blends my eyes, all of them, it lets me see electricity
and all the emptiness between, overlaid with what could be here and now
the fire finds a rhythm within my base
it rolls from my base, my roots disconnect as it soars thru me
escaping out of me, on their way through me
waves of warmth, comfort, oblivion, and bliss of empty ecstasy paralyze me
the light is blinding, blacked vibrations freely dance in darkness
evermore waves
a tremendous sound, emitted from this cradle, deafens.
silence is found within by pushing this voice beyond that which i can speak

its there. where ever the fuck it is, whatever the fuck that is.
there is no word for it.
i could spend a life time looking.

the same waves pull me into myself, backwards.
After I feel myself, I remind myself of it
i speak common words for it
I roll them in circles round my head
These words, the ones here, are those in my head
they can’t describe it
there is no rhythm to what cannot be articulated

so i go back, again
i repeat the process
i must stay a little longer this time
end the circle
stay with it.
stay with it.
stay with it.
end the circle
let go
stay in the circle.

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