"The Real" Play List

The Real Play List is a collection of some of favorite songs, composed mostly by rare indie musicians. The subjects of these songs consist mainly of love, friendship, and freedom, , The Real ingredients of life and great subjects for down-tempo, organic and mainly acoustic music. This collection has a lot of “passion” in it. I like to call it soul but not the “soul” you hear on late-night college rock stations.

I was going to keep adding but at 3hrs and 45mins I decided just to keep it to the hard to find artist. If you find you love any one artist on the play list; support them and spread the word about them!!! Isn’t it time we hear the words of some other writers besides that of modonnas’?



Pss. If you start to feel suicidal … well, figure it out. Hahahahaha

Song Title Artist Album
Firefly Aden Mott MySpace Bootleg
Better Alissa Moreno In Your Wake
Geoffrey Alissa Moreno In Your Wake
One More Day Alissa Moreno In Your Wake
Keeping Mine Alissa Moreno In Your Wake
Unafraid Andrew Spice Pretty Demons
Beautiful Creathures Andrew Spice Pretty Demons
Sometimes Lukewarm Andrew Spice Pretty Demons
it’s so sad i could cry Armand Aviram
strange as it may sound Armand Aviram
Croissant Chris O’Gorman Demo
Flying Machine Chris O’Gorman My Own Thing
night time in the city Christopher Dallman
There Is a Stone Douglas Wood Broken
Almost Lover A Fine Frenzy SOME CD THAT ISNT OUT YET
Should’ve Known harold crisman black umbrella days
What’s Your Story harold crisman black umbrella days
wish it away harold crisman MySpace Bootleg
For Someone Jake Walden Alive and Screaming
Hirolude Jake Walden Alive and Screaming
We Are Jake Walden Alive and Screaming
Can’t Have It All Jay Brannan Goddamned
A Death Waltz Jay Brannan Goddamned
Goddamned Jay Brannan Goddamned
Bowlegged & Starving Jay Brannan Goddamned
Drowning Jay Brannan Out From Under the Bed
Merry-G0-Round Joanna McMeikan Breaking The Habit
Past Unconditional Joanna McMeikan Breaking The Habit
Galatea Joanna McMeikan Breaking The Habit
dancing shoes Marc McBarron Kessler Gifts From MARC
Just for today Marc McBarron Kessler Gifts From MARC
Ugly Boy Marc McBarron Kessler Gifts From MARC
Where I Am Matt Nolen MySpace Bootleg
Time Matt Sabato Apt510
Even If It Means Goodbye Matt Sabato MySpace Bootleg
Separate V.2 Matt Sabato MySpace Bootleg
Since the White Man Came Matt Sabato MySpace Bootleg
That Particular Day Matt Sabato MySpace Bootleg
Putting the Damage On Matthew Luke Sandoval Gift from Matthew
northern lad Matthew Luke Sandoval Tori Amos Covers
heaven (cover) Matthew Luke Sandoval MySpace Bootleg
It Gets Lonely Matthew Luke Sandoval MySpace Bootleg
Nightminds Missy Higgins
Lyin’ Phil Putnam Best of Intentions
Famous Love R. Star From the Eye of an Elephant
right now R. Star MySpace Bootleg
City Is Empty Rick Berlin RBLIVE@JACQUES
Sweet Suicide Sacha Sacket Shadowed
I Just Can’t Sacha Sacket Shadowed
Shadowed Sacha Sacket Shadowed
Sunshine Second Hand Roses MySpace Bootleg
More Than This Shane Mack MySpace Bootleg
Wearkage Shane Mack MySpace Bootleg
not a love song Stewart Lewis MySpace Bootleg
one thing Stewart Lewis MySpace Bootleg
1BR/1BA Vienna Teng Dreaming Through The Noise
We Are Young ???

contact me if you want the play list.

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One Comment

  1. Posted November 27, 2008 at 2:11 PM by Anonymous | Permalink

    What a fantastic play list.

    Found it while searching for Shane Mack downloads – I’ve been trying to get his stuff forever and ever… it can be bought on his myspace page but only if you’re in the US, which unfortunately I’m not! I’ve got four of his songs (inc. More Than This, which I Love) and am loosing hope I’ll ever get my hands on the rest.
    Anyway, the rest of your list also looks great – some real quality stuff you’ve managed to include.

    Thanks for compiling and giving me some musical inspiration 🙂


    (tessaooo@yahoo.com – – sorry I don’t have any of the required accounts to post here, but feel bad just pressing the “anonymous” option!)

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