SoS (Sex on Salvia)

Side Effects of smoking Salvia may include:

– Uncontrollable laughter.
– Past memories, such as revisiting places from childhood memory
– Sensations of motion, or being pulled or twisted by forces
– Visions of membranes, films and various two-dimensional surfaces
– Merging with or becoming objects (for example a Ferris wheel)
– Overlapping realities, such as the perception of being in several locations at once

Other Salvia Divinorum side effects have been known to be:

– Time Travel
– Traveling to other dimensions
– Meeting mystical creatures
– Seeing through walls
– Increased insight
– Improved mood
– Calmness
– Increased connection with universe or nature
– Floating feeling
– Out of body experience
– Lucid Dreaming
– Increased self-confidence

*****Having sex on Salvia is rather, FUCKING AMAZING!!! 🙂

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