Song Of The Moment

viagra buy uk style=”font-family:Marker Felt;”>Merry-Go-Round by Joanna McMeikan

What happened to my dangerous days?
I used to be so hot, so extreme,
But this year’s been tough and I got so self-protective —
Now I’m the Ice Queen

So quiet, so inviolate
A castle wall without a gate
All I do is sit and wait
For my arteries to harden

Middle-aged at 25
Imagination paralyzed
All alone Friday night
Walking in the garden

And even the trees are disappointed
To see me old before my time – they say
“Keep your roots above the ground
The years you lose can never be found
In evening shade there is no sound
Like laughter on the Merry-Go-Round,
Laughter on the Merry-Go-Round.”

I used to wake up at 4 a.m.
With my face in the sidewalk
Burned up the city, walked the high wire
I used to talk the dirty talk

But Saturday night at half-past ten
I’m in the grocery store again
Coming home to an empty bed
Stone cold sober

Middle-aged at 25
It’s high time I came back to life
Wanna dance tonight under neon lights
Roll naked in the clover

And even the trees are disappointed…

I played football with Buddha
And when I asked him he smiled
He said “We all grow old in time
And you will soon, my child.”
And life comes knocking at my door
Almost every day
I wrap my blanket around my knees
And turn the other way

And even the trees are disappointed…

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