i just finished watching Bill Maher’s documentary, Religulous… im at a bit of a loss for words. its not that his train of thought is conflicting with my own. he said a giant handful of things about religion ive been saying sense i was 13. how religion remains a crutch for the simple minded that cant think for themselves. what it brings into light for me, is the sheer frightening amount of religious FANITICS that do hold on its every letter and blindly regarded it as TRUTH???

i always knew they existed, about the same time i decided god was bullshit i also decided the media is bullshit as well so i stopped paying attention to the lies they been sugar-coating for everyone. soo… does that make me ignorant for not participating or stronger for following my own train of thought? if you know the answer, please, keep it to yourself. im doing just fine.

if you dont watch the movie, at least watch this clip and digest it. this is Bill Maher’s final comment from Religulous at the end of the film.

(if you do plan on watching it. skip this for now and watch it as a whole. otherwize this is a huge spoiler)

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