One Of My Own…

I’m always posting everyones songs/lyrics/poems to speak. Well here is one of my own. I started this in Sept of 2005. When I was living in California. That was the only other time, in the past 5 years, that I was sober a long as I today. I changed it very little on my revisit. I added a few lines and it still hold true to me today.


i have no real story to tell
about myself
i just wander, lost
like everyone, i guess

i have
no beginning that i care to remember
and no ending that i can yet foretell

and between my arrival and now
i have
walked, weakly, as far as i can
seen some shit
laughed a little
cried a lot
picked up some baggage
faded a bit
carried on when i just wanted to fall
lost control, however, and
i’m not sure how
i’m still here

people come
and people go
just like dreams
just like desires
good times shine
depression smothers
and still we breath
we don’t belong
and still we’re here

so make the best of it and smile
we all need more but in the end
it all goes away, so for now
at least we have each other
at least every now and then
nobody really knows anything for sure
so don’t pretend to have it all
pick up your own truths, along the way
and fulfill them for you and you alone
it takes all kinds
you are who you are
i am what i am today

as a drifter, i feel complete
when i am still and alone
a light surrounds me
misty green and blue
with soft smooth sounds
in these moments
i know i’ll be okay

i’m not sure how i’ve done it
when i see all this as
all my miracles through all my miles
its all subjective
and i’m not always sure
what my reality is

i just need some

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