On the matter of…

angel vs. fairy

as fucking corny as this sounds im going to explain the screen name change from piercedangelx to piercedfairyx.

somewhere in the back of my crazi mind (planted there by the gothic images of old) is that “angels” are still and quiet beings that sit and wait and cry… not much grander in that image.

“fairys” are from the earth, full of life, energy, vigor and exploration… as well as most fairys are flamers like myself.

ive made this realization and changed my wings. no more heavy feather. just now. light and color wings of dust that have much more live for.

ahahhahaha, yeah i know im nuts. but is all good.

speaking of wings i need to find out when my next tattoo appt is. im getting some more flutterbys tattoo on my arm, saturday, i think.


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