just some thoughts

who am i but an animal made mostly of water and carbon
i have a trail of memories that will eventually fade
i have a future with no guaranties in our plant of chaos
and what if i’m not remembered when my time comes to
return to the earth, if i’m not to be remembered
than why should i choose to live the misery that handed to us
i wont be a super movie star. i grow bored of redundant routines.
i’m in love with life and captivated with my abundance of senses
and all the experiences and sensations that life has to provide
as my days continue, i’m slowly loosing faith in my fellow citizens.
and still. i wish to know more. what is the culture here and there and there
i wish and dream and hope to travel far and wide to feel what others believe.
i can’t take it all in. its such an expansive collection of societies.
there’s always new knowledge that i’m not frightened of.
thou, sadly in the end, what i’ve learned will be lost
but at least while i am here i know that i am alive, and hopefully, before i go
i might be able to pass on one piece of truth that can better the would of another
so maybe i will be remembered, for a short time. in any case i know, right now
that life is beautiful! if you choose to see it, if you choose it live it.
now that ive seen what was here to be seen i must float on…

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