i wish i could believe this….

the president address to Glbt issues…..

sounds fabulous and encouraging to hear such civil right issues being address so directly. BUT sadly, don’t let the buzz go to head. we can pass all the “laws” we want to address human compassion, decency, love, morality and respect, unfortunately laws are just “guidelines” that most all common people, simply with simple minds, ignore. we’ve been ignoring the fucking bible for 2000 years.

there i go being bitter again. if the statement i made isn’t true than we should be able to get ride of the police state? cause after all, we’re decent humans beings and we’d never have to call the police to address, say, domestic violence between hetro-married couples now would we?

when it boils down to it, PEOPLE propecia worked for me ARE PEOPLE thus discrimination, hatred, bigotry, capitalism and racism exist, instinctually with in everyone of us, to some degree. simple minds which are easily manipulated by popular opioion, religion, the media ARE NOT going to change just because the “law” changes. we can dress it up and parade it everyday and its NEVER going to change while our current socialism and idealism of what americans (the melting pot) stands for.

instead of have to worry about getting fired from a job because i’m queer now i worry about not finding a job because i’m homo. now before you say. “well thats illegal they can’t not hire you because its the law.” wrong, they wont hire me for some other reason such as, “well hes just not qualified enough.” if they don’t say if because i’m homo they’re perfectly within the law then i don’t have a case or a leg to stand on. so now i don’t have job and beyond that, I’M BEING LIED TO WITHIN THE LAW OF DISCRIMINATION.

i’m Above The Illusion. i can’t pretend any of these silly laws are set up to protect me or any of us. now, let the hate mail flow 😉 thank you in advance for illustrating my point.

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