i feel so dirty…

any of you that know me well know that: I LOATHE WAL-MART!!!!

i loathe wal-mart with more passion than christ. if there was a god, wal-mart would be the anit-christ and devil. i fucking hate them, everything they stand for, what they are doing to this country etc etc etc. ive been boycotting wal-mart for a few years now and harras any of my friends that shop there.

i feel so dirty because today i went into wal-mart to check out their perscription drug prices cause i dont have health insureance and they are so fucking cheap. i can save about $30 to $40 a month by getting them fill at wal-mart soooo… I DID! **ducks from rotten veggys you all just threw at me**

i feel so dirty. i can’t shower enough to get this wal-mart tanited vile-fowl-nasty BLA off of me.

when i do get health insureance again. i WILL change pharmacy again and NOT use wal-mart anymore. but for now…

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