Government Mandated Spyware!

this is too funny. i have to make a post about it.

so the other day im chatting with a friend about how the facebook is a political run data collection machine for the government. every key stroke you write on the facebook is logged, stored and reviewed by some sort of half-ass backwards “homeland security” sort of branch of the government. you know the drill; these “invasion of privacy” laws are to fight against terrorism! BULLSHIT! anyway im not going to get into that now.

so as i was saying…, i made a point to him of how the data collection/advertising works for the facebook, (and not only fb but google and every other website that has targeted and/or interactive advertising on it.) you know how it works. you mention in your profile that youre gay, and presto!: “visit gay key west” pops up in the solicitation side bar.

i went on to tell him about The Acxiom Corperation. whos front web page masquerades themselves as a “Global Interactive Marketing Service” AKA data collectors! if you google them theres all kinds of news article, some reveling: “[Axiom] is one of the world’s largest companies managing personal, financial and corporate data, federal authorities said.” (the link is  the article from which i quote).

if you youtube then you will notice that there is not a single video about them on youtube that is not produced by them. what does that mean? this beyond giant, multi-million dollar cooperation that has the time, money, and resources to control their public image by only allowing what they want to be seen in any sort of free press. so if a conspiracy video about them company pops up on youtube they can, will ,and do, flag it and have it removed. (like the oil companies.)

i have a personal friend whom run his own PR company that has one of the oil giants as a client, his job is to get up at 4 am and starting reading all the news he can find to see whats being said about said oil company, he alerts his contractor and *pfoof* where ever did that news article go?? i wish i could disclose who he is, but were i to do that he would loose everything. everything. anyway, i digress.

ive looked for whom owns this Acxiom Corperation but obviously id need some sort of journalism degree to even know where to look for that sort of classified information cause they dont want us to know. but its obvious by the sort of information thats available of how they do their data collection.

so, all of this long story to get to my point. as i was telling my friend about this company  i googled them and visited their website so i could send him a link. Therefore  he could see for himself that im not making any of this up.

Which brings us up to right now. just a few minutes ago i rebooted my computer and let all of my virus, maleware, firewalls, and SPYWARE applications run their scans to fish out all of the crap my computer pick up in the curse of clicking the “connect to the internet” button. and low-and-behold!!! my spyware program found this thread in my computer and kindly deleted it for me:

URL: C:\Documents and Settings\Xavier Armand\Cookies\xavier_armand@acxiomcorporation.122.2o7[1].txt
URL: C:\Documents and Settings\Xavier Armand\Cookies\xavier_armand@examinercom.122.2o7[1].txt

so apparently is not enough that the acxiom corporation keeps a log of every key stroke that i put into the facebook BUT all i have to do is visit the Home/Welcome page of the website and they install spyware into me computer??? spyware that longs what im viewing and typing, and who knows what else. what the fuck is with that?? i wonder who they sell their data collection information too??

so not that you care anyway, but, if you just click the link to their website i posted at the start of this rant you had better go get them out of your computer because THEY’RE WATCHING YOU!!!!

LOL, later sheeple, over and out!

love -X


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