digging in the photo archive

some photo of me i just found deep in my dusty hard drive from a few years back, these were the good ol’ days were i was such a mindless drug hoover i had to find and check my camera to remember what i did the night before. 🙂


    1. Booze
    2. Weed
    3. Poopers
    4. Tits
    5. COCAINE
    6. and me representing in my college tee!

    my fucking eyes look like theyre going to fall out! surprised me nose never feel off. lol.

    obviously my nose hair is getting in the way! and i dont think im wearing clothes??

    my roommates rocked. when they came over to visit, if i wasnt home, they would leave me gifts.

    look at how talented i am, i can lick nipple and cut lines at the same time!

    like the cd says…

    listen to the music, enjoy the dance…

    this was my job, my roommate put it best when he said: “no, let xavier cut it up, its like his zen garden.”

    whos seen requiem for a dream??

    hahahaha, well thanks yall for taking this little stroll down black-out lane with me! it certainly gave me a fun little buzz to go thru these pix. i dont miss all that too much but i couldnt party like that now.

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