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more photos!

from a couple days ago on the waterfall tour

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Hot Spings photos.

went hiking in the mountains to go skinny dipping in thermal hot springs. its was so beautiful!!!! the first snow fall of the season. didnt take as many pics as i would of liked cause its was very cold and wet in the mountains and didnt want to expose my camera to too much of the rain/snow. my camera also a self-defense mechanism here it shuts itself off and wont work if it gets too cold. (kinda like me. lol) its does this to protect the digital censor, it can crack if being operated in temps below freezing. nonetheless heres a few pix….

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sunset on a river beach

i love the west.

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one quick pic

sorry for the lack of updates have been busy exploring a new city and havent been near the inter web too much. -x

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New Vision

Indigo Fairy’s new vision. I am growing, changing, and learning everyday!

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random photo time!

sorry for my lack of posts… heres a pile of photos from the past month. its been a wild ride!

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we’re here for no reason…

…my own reason… the day i stop growing and stop learning is the day i jump. “its in the mind, not in the eye” the pop world has taught me all the superficial mentality that has taught me nothing but to beware. now its time to exercise my brain from within…


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whats in a name???

Sooo, umm, Yeah. just to throw all of my friends for another fucking loop. Ima change my name again! a new set of fairy wings are growing in! im really ready to start to taste what life has to offer on my terms! not to be selfish thou, rather, to be myself!

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song of the moment

The Flood by Katie Melua

Broken people get recycled
And I hope that I will
Sometimes we’re thrown off our pathways
What I thought was my way home
Wasn’t the place I –

No I am not afraid of changing
I am certain nothing’s certain
What we own becomes our prison
My possessions will be gone
Back to where they came from

Blame no one is to blame
As natural as the rain that falls
Here comes the flood again

See the rock that you hold onto
Is it gonna save you?
When the earth begins to crumble
Why do you feel you have to
Hold on imagine if you let go

Blame no one is to blame
As natural as the rain that falls
Here comes the flood again

Wash away the weight that pulls you down
Ride the waves that free you from your doubts

Don’t trust your eyes (wash away…)
It’s easy to believe them
Know with your heart that (the weight that pulls you down)
You can leave your prison
Don’t trust your mind (ride the wave…)
It’s not always listening
Turn on the lights (that free you from your doubts)
And feel the ancient rhythm

Don’t trust your eyes (Blame, no one is to blame)
It’s easy to believe them (As natural as the …)
Know in your heart
That you can leave your prison (Rain, here comes the flood again)

Blame no one is to blame (la la)
As natural as the rain that falls (la la)
Here comes the flood again (la la)

From the album ‘The House’

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been busy… HELLO PORTLAND!!!

sorry for the lack of posts. been very busy. just moved into portland or and have been non-stop running around meeting people and taking in the sights and trying to get my bearings and trying to figure out what there is that i can do (for work etc) here as well as finding a place so i can get a job and settle a bit (finding one without the other is not so easy, but i will prevail!!)

im not much of a horoscope reader cause its a form of ancient science i havent educated myself about. therefore i take it with a grain of salt. thou i happened to glance for shits and giggles yesterday and this is what my scope foretells…

LIBRA (sept. 23-oct. 22): The Latin motto “Dulcius ex aspiris” means “Sweetness out of difficulty.” It has a different meaning from “relief after difficulty” or “character-building from difficulty.” It suggests a scenario in which a challenging experience leads not just to a successful outcome, but also to a delicious, soothing harmony that would not have been possible without the difficulty. This is what i foresee coming for you, Libra.


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left/right brain quiz

i was really surpised this came out perfectly even. i cant feel my left brain work, but i guess it does. (i still feel my right side has more power in my mind)

Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz
The higher of these two numbers below indicates which side of your brain has dominance in your life. Realising your right brain/left brain tendancy will help you interact with and to understand others.
Left Brain Dominance: 16(16)
Right Brain Dominance: 16(16)
Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz
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been a very chaotic and crazy couple weeks and its far from over. yet out of all the distress comes the brief moments when you really see how beautiful life really can be…, correction, how BEAUTIFUL LIFE IS!!!

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how we love usless knowledge

just installed and extensive dictionary into my computer casue i cant spell to save my life. never could. the left side of my brain doesnt want to work with me on that. anyway wist playing with the program to see how it works i found this cute bit of information in the definition of….. (i particularly love #4)


• noun

  1. a [usu. foll. by of] awareness or familiarity gained best price for cialis by experience (of a person, fact, or thing) (have no knowledge of that). b a person’s range of information (is not within his knowledge).
  2. a [usu. foll. by of] a theoretical or practical understanding of a subject, language, etc. (has a good knowledge of Greek). b the sum of what is known (every branch of knowledge).
  3. Philos. true, justified belief; certain understanding, as opposed to opinion
  4. Archaic sexual intercourse.

soo, maybe the original idea of the tree of knowledge had nothing to do with fruit at all but rather the realization that FUCKING is the meaning of life?

hmm, thats some kinda crazy thoughts! somebody should maybe lock me up for your piece of mind and safety

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a little thought to chew

i start with an excerpt from The Invisible Landscape by Terence and Dennis Mckenna (also excerpts are featured in Food of the Gods by Terence Mckenna):

Delayed maturation and prolonged childhood and adolescence play a critical role in the neurological and psychological development of the individual, since they provide the circumstances which permit the post-natal development of the brain in the early, formative years of childhood. The symbolic, cognitive and linguistic stimuli that the brain experiences during this period are essential to its development and are the factors that make us the unique, conscious, symbol-manipulating, language-using beings that we are.


why is this important? (ill be short and blunt with this rant)


find something some interesting, fun, and crative to do, ponder, create, or talk about!

i have always scoffed down my nose at the guys who try to gain insight as to who i am by asking me what “sign” i am. if you dont know anything about ancient/esoteric astrology keep your fucking mouth shut cause you sound like all the other sheeple out there. im a libra. big woop. im far more interesting than my horoscope (in the back of vogue) becasue ive gone out and “lived” ive gone out and and experanced. i’ve tasted, smelled, felt, heard and saw more than the narrotor on a tv show could offer….

why do i say this…

i see so many people (and so many of my friends) with kids, just turn on the tv and let them go into a all saucer-eyed trance to keep them quiet. whats the end RESLUT OF THIS ACTION!?!?!

take a look around, do you like what you see? because what you see is it. that’s reality. this is it.

—-have a nice day! 😀

ps. esoteric astrology is a very real meta-physical thing that we today have become ignorant too. it effects us in ways we cannot comprehend even if we are aware enough to know that something is happen. that being said i dont know enough about it to continue, soo, any one any good books on the subject matter i can read?

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