Breaking my vow of silence

in the wake of the nyc wall street protests that “may or may not be happening”, im hearing (via facebook because i dont watch tv or read tv approved news on the internet) that there is a wave of cities “organizing” there own “protests” throughout the country.

soo… i looked it up. my local protest in portland, or is “scheduled” for thrusday oct 6th at waterfront park at noon. (im sure the bums, rats, seagulls and nighttime entertainment district are really interested in what you have to say)

im wondering about the social “etiquette” in this situation??? should i go over to the facebook and “RSVP” to be tear-gassed and beaten down by the riot police?? or should i just come out and say….

are you fucking people serious??? an organized event where we are safe from persecution, within our civil rights, IS NOT A FUCKING PROTEST!; its a bunch of “monkeys” making noise!!! i think of it in the same light as going to the county fair. monkey see monkey do. everyone’s going to show up, hold up there signs/flags, do some mating calls and then go home to eat dinner in front of the tv to check out the turn out. really???

as a wise ol’ sage sang to me… “as long as you play their game girl you’re never going to win.”

correct me if im wrong, isn’t it our civil rights that are being shit on? are you protesting to take them back? (or are you upset in your salary cut and fact that now you can afford a beamer?) i ask because im trying to make sense of how “behaving” within our suppressed civil rights is going break the oppression that could reclaim them??

who do think is going to listen if you’re playing by the rules? the suites in high rises will look down at the park, giggle at the gathering of angry unemployed people standing around anxiously at the waters edge as they go to their next investment meeting….. i can see the headline now…. “poster board and markers on sale at wal-mart!” dont you need some of this??

if you want to make a difference ….. oh fuck, there i go again sounding like one of you…. nevermind, nix all that… just listen to this song…

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