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This BLOG is my disorganized, chaotic, untidy, and cluttered collection of all the crazy things that I either CREATE or find on the interweb and would like to SHARE with you.

I’m Xavier. I’m a dreamer, drifter, consumer, tweaker, and Photographer. I’m a want-to-be-artist; a “life-loving” artist with something to show you. I’m free sprit, (as much as i can be). I waste far too much time online! I love MUSIC! I love ART! I have THOUSANDS of spectacular ideas with a bad case of no motivation. (not a good combination). I love life and most all of its sensations and experiences. We are here to grow from them. AND!!! I am an HORRIFIC speller. I apologize for that right here and right now. So lets not hear anymore about it.

The Necessary Warning:

Not safe for work or minors and most family (NSFW)

The following pages contain raw and UNCENSORED truth, viewer/listener discretion, is advised!



***a bunch of interests/hobbies/likes and things that make me smile. (in no particular order)***

Exploring Life, People, Its/Their Cultures, and My Senses., Photography, MUSIC, music, music, and more music!!, art, art and more ART! traveling, europe, CONCERTS, bars, picture shows, the outdoors, bonfires, kayaking, biking, hiking, warm summer nights, TREES, mountains, swamps, thunderstorms, rain, flutter-bys, candles, staying active, interweb addiction, dark-twisted-sick and disturbing sub culture art, VULGARIY, nudist-ism, naturalism, SEX, porn, poppers, abercrombie fierce, the smell of books, rainy days, tree houses and cabins in the woods, freak shows, jewelry, bonsai, carnivorous plants, bioluminescence, frogs, pugs/dogs, bats, body modification (ie. tattoos, piercings etc.), tea, wine and CHEESE, artisan bread, italian and french cuisine, vegetable/herb gardens, SAD MUSIC, glitter, wind chimes, sappy movies, vague poetry, castlevania, and more…

I Spend A Lot of Time Thinking About….

(i stole this off my okcupid.com profile. thought this lil segment of the website was an intriguing essay area.)

-Modern sociology and the effect that the media has on it.
-The Human Condition.
-Metaphysical Philosophy.

-Sex, sexxx and more SEX!

-Photographs I should be taking and/or working on.

-Videos, Sculpture, Wood-working, Website design, T-Shirt design and lots of other artistic ventures I don’t really know how to do but want to learn!


(also see MUSIC tab)

ALMOST EVERYTHING!!! Music is very important to me. I have over 1000 artist in my itunes collection. For a full list see me last.fm profile.

I’ve a soft spot for folk-ish/neo-classical singer/songwriters (the more of a bleeding heart the better!) pianos. acoustic. 90s alt. progressive metal. a handful of pop and dance songs (thou as a general rule pop annoys me). rock. world. electronic. new age / soundscapes / ambient. Just about anything EXCEPT for mainstream cRAP, most country, 80s pop and jazz/blues.

TORI AMOS, MARILYN MANSON, ENIGMA, PETER GABRIEL, NINE INCH NAILS, TOOL, FIONA APPLE, ANI DIFRANCO, MELISSA FERRICK, pink flyod, dolly parton, alanis morissette, a perfect circle, Joanna McMeikan, hedwig and the angry inch, IMOGEN HEAP, powerman 5000, korn, milla, rocky horror, Stewart Lewis, Led zeppelin, PINK, GAVIN MIKHAIL, the toadies, john cougar mellencamp, vast, tapping the vein, soundgarden, red hot chili peppers, depeche mode, the cruxshadows, Sause of the future, charlotte martin, JAY BRANNAN, Sacha Sacket, casey stratton, MATT SABATO, ANDREW SPICE,  ….AND so so many many more, i can’t list them all!


Dead Poets Society!!!, Baraka, Whats Eating Gilbert Grape, The Labyrinth,  Art School Confidential, Into The Wild, American Beauty, rules of attraction, hedwig and the angry inch, the rocky horror picture show, velvet goldmind, the dreamers, the goonies, the dark crystal, natural born killers, requiem for a dream, willow, all the little animals, the lord of the rings (as one movie), and more, those are a few gold star picks.

i like drama, emotional chick flicks, art films, indie documentaries, fantasy, horror, british comedy, indies, kamp films and most musicals.


I love books. I always have a pile of 5 or more im reading at any givng time. The following list is not complete. (I’ll finish updateing soon)


The Essential Gay Mystics edited by Andrew Harvey

The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

Requiem for a Dream: A Novel by Hubert Selby Jr

Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

The Crow: The Lazarus Heart by Poppy Z Brite

Siddhartha By Hermann Hesse

the cliché giant hand full of classics

Metaphysical-ish and/or Non-Fiction and/or Philosophy:

****Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century By Barbara Carrellas

****The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know By Mantak Chia & Douglas Abrams

Tantra of Sound by Jonathan & Andi Goldman

The Hidden Messages in Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto

The Book By Alan Watts

The Mission of Art By Alex Grey

Food of the Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge A Radical History of Plants, Drugs, and Human Evolution By Terence McKenna

art books with lots of graphics and captions,


(kill your televison!)

I DESTEST TV!!! I don’t own a tv. I don’t plan on ever owning a tv. I periodically watch things on my computer (commercial free!). Here’s a list of shows I have downloaded or have dvds of. Beyond this list I’ve missed just about every popular tv program sense ’99-ish (entire series have come and gone and I’ve never seen a single episode). I don’t plan on starting now.

are you being served?, WAITING FOR GOD, abfab, oz, FAMILY GUY!, all in the family, roseanne, vicar of dibly, robot chicken, aqua teen, planet earth, nature (yes the pbs show and other select pbs programming), the golden girls.



(links and contact info): So yeah, Hi! My name is Xavier and I’m an internet addict. Here’s a list to other profiles all over the interweb.


My status

Aim/Yim/Skype: IndigoFairyX

IndigoFairyX@gmail.com (personal email)

XavierArmand@gmail.com (business related email)

Phone: don’t have a phone at the moment

Current Location: Providence, RI. Relocating to Portland, OR soon!!

(if you need my snail mail address email or call me or try google)




Adult Profiles: A word of caution for family members and those of you cruising me from work. Explicit sexual content WILL be found herein:


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