im making a post about how ‘fucked up i am” my fingures dont want wot waork with me so if this comes out fucked up. bland my minders. lets seee. i ate than i dran a glass of vovdka, than id a bump of white sutff and than shared a bucnh of bumps of white stuff and eeveryoone had a goood time. than i drang more and did more bumps. and a couple more betweeen. than i was all out of money os i had to leave and go home all fucked up. so i get home. do anohter bumb, than i run the rads to buy some smokes. than i came back to finished off the GOOd. and now its now and im sad casue ist gone and not only be, but everyone with wants to do more!!! more drugs equal happy. you all know what i man. i should call them. nut it lat that might be bad.

im seeing things, aka. hallociantatnating as i typ this so i dont really dknow what it say. thought im sure its someting ccrazy comiing out of me.

good damn i can brarly typ. im seeing dobuble so i have to close one eye to see single! and i want more booze for all.

the sleepin pill is making me see things that arent there. besised the double sight theres crazy thinks you can only see while on this pill.

im typeing pretty good concerdering that i fully seeing double

so you all ask….. “what does this crazy ramber have to do with anything?” well “nothing at all if trugh be told”

im just typing it cause talking and smiling about it feels good. being high isnt bad per say. you just need to learn that everhting in moderatrion is ok. i had fun and just a bit of fun so im ok

ok damn i typiing this with one eye closed, seeing double and i need more vodka.

sorry for my misspelling! they will never leave me.

i hope you all had fun tonight, i did!!!!

now i must go pass out, i think.


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